Azores Fixed 

Azores Fixed Is a project that aims to take cyclists on fixed gear bikes touring around the Azores islands.
It's inaugural edition in 2013 was a test the see it the format was possible.
The event was repeated in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now against all odds in 2020.

In 2013 I had in hands the creation of  the logo, poster, t-shirt and sticker.

Knowing that the poster would be printed in silkscreen, with two colours I designed everything with that limitation in mind.
Plus the t-shirt would be printed in only one color, so everything important should be together in the same main color. 
For the illustration I worked around the division into three parts: 
- Fixed = bicycle
- Azores = the main roads in the island
- 2013 = the island of São Miguél

For the logo after some exploration I found the right way.
As showed bellow I break up and rejoined the main elements from the Azores' flag and a fixed gear bicycle.
It was also important to have the sticker format in mind. For that, the logo had to be compact and the text extra clear in a 4cm diameter shape.

By the numbers, were printed 20 t-shirts, 55 posters and 400 stickers.

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