Azores Fixed is a team composed by friends that get together in summer to cycle around Azores with their fixed gear bikes.
Besides cycling we all work in different creative fields and that's why every year we create new branding with fresh ideas.

Pattern & Logo 
The graphics of this year are the result of a whatsApp's brainstorm with all the team. 
I said yes to all ideas and that's why we end up with a Vegan leopard's print for the pattern and a Kima
(famous Azores soft drink) knock off.

For the jersey I united the pattern and the bottle's label layout.
Beside the Azores logo and the logo's sponsor Rodagira, I also added the sentence "fixed gear on islands"
in the collar and @azoresfixed & @bicirodagira on the side panels. 

For the stickers I created a stylised version of the Kima's bootle as a placeholder for the logo.
The logo was rotated 90º to maximize the legibility.
The stickers are a fun and practical way to promote the event

Bidon & Poster 
The bidon's label and poster were created by Manuel Lino.
The label was created by having the original Kima's label as base and replacing the necessary elements. 
For the poster, Lino photographed the bidon in his studio and recreated an 90's advertisement aesthetic with the slogan 
"The best reason to be thirsty.

In the last night after organising everything for the flight back, we went out and pasted some posters in Ponta Delgada center.

The photos used in this presentation were taken and edited by Manuel Lino.
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