I was invited by the editorial coordinator of  to send an illustration for the Special edition of World Press Freedom Day​​​​​​​.

The brief: Gazeta das Caldas has been published in Caldas da Rainha for almost a century, having crossed two different regimes that regulate freedom of expression. For almost half of his life, it faced the constraints of prior censorship.

This newspaper, like all the others in Portugal, was under the surveillance of the "Lapis Azul" from 1925 until 1974.
Before the newspaper was allowed to be published, the news were sent to a police's department where the boldest news were censored with the blue pencil. These news must had to be removed and replaced by others.
When it was too late to change, mirror text was printed over the censured news to make them impossible to read.
It was good surprise to get a text in a morning telling me that the illustration was in the the cover of the newspaper. You can see the pdf here.

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