Note: This is an 2013 project with with minor updates (2020). 

ExperimentaDesign 2013​​​​​​​
The project Unfixed addresses the theme No Borders, pedalling around the question posed by Buckmister: “What are you?”
The answer appears to me in the form of a series of questions: is what I am what I do professionally? Or may it be what I do in my free time? Am I defined by the coordinates of where I was born? Or am I simply the cumulative result of my past? And if you do not have a past, as Fernando Pessoa who does not know the future and who lost the past? Can I be just the present?

Around this restless circuit, I found the answer on my ship made bike, more specifically a “fixed gear”, as actual and global as the question itself. When riding a fixed gear, I am the present in, a synchronized movement between me and the bike, like a cyborg, half man half machine. I break the boundary between what I imagine myself to be, what I really am and what others expect me to be. Still, I lose myself in the question: “What are you?” I cycled next to a girl who peddled calmly, and a boy who was desperately trying to beat a record. Both showed me what they did, not what they were and I was still disoriented.

The questioning came back to the starting point and I tried to get out of this cycle, to eliminate the boundary between the correct and incorrect, between reality and imagination and use the bike to achieve the absence of any boundaries.

Backpack Unfixed
Just put your stuff in the back pack and go out for a ride.
Back Pack Unfixed is a limited edition back pack that resulting from the collaboration between Bashô Cycling Club & me.
Under my participation on ExperimentaDesign' 13 with the theme "no borders", I challenged Bashô Cycling Club to make a limited back pack edition.​​​​​​​

Promotional video bellow:


I invited my friends for a creative bicycle relative presentation. It was a great evening.
It was very interesting to see the passion about bicycles to fuel so many projects in a spread range of areas. 

By order from top left to bottom right:
– Everybody. Thank you to everybody and special to João Camola the owner of Vélocité Café to make all this possible.
– It's me, presenting the steps of this project
Vera Marmelo (photographer) and Ana Roque presenting the brand Le Loup Garou
Bruno Santos presenting the project Azores Fixed
Artur (photographer) presenting his life story and his look on the the cyclist in Lisbon with the project Diário de Lisboa
– Joana Janeiro
and Gonçalo Baptista presenting Bashô Cycling Club and our special edition backpack.
João Bentes representing the Jornal Pedal, a free newspaper about urban cycling
Patrick Santos showing an over view of the history and the events organised my his "crew", the Matilha Cycling Club

Two Wheels: Chains, Sprockets & Design, book
"We are entering the golden age of bicycles; formerly a simple means of transportation, the bicycle has become a lifestyle symbol in and of itself. More than ever before, cyclists, both professional and hobbyists, are paying attention to more than just the technical aspect of the bicycle. The aesthetics of bikes and their components are vitally important to their users, and this has led to a boom in the design of beautiful and functional bicycles.
This book explores the rise of this phenomenon, and gives a look at the design side of cycling – in the bicycles themselves, and in related products and cycling-inspired materials"
Some months after the exhibition I was informed that my wall was in this book, in the "hotspots" chapter.
It is almost out of stock, maybe the last ones are here.
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