Note: This is an 2015 poster with an updated presentation (2020).

ExperimentaDesign 2013​​​​​​​
There are subliminal messages and direct messages, signs and signals, interpretations and interpretations for the same situations. Every situation is "massaged" as the knowledge of each one, giving the space to different conclusions. 

Ad. Reinhard describes this assumption in observation of abstract painting. We may, however, conclude that the same is true in so many other situations, from routine events and thus devalued, to the careful observation of art. Reinhard reports that art will interact with the viewer in the same way as the viewer interact with it. The observer will get what he gives. Therefore, only paying attention to detail is when one can find it. Contradicting, we can say it is not necessary to understand to enjoy. On the same note, Picasso says that more important to understand is to look and he  give us the example of birds: one can enjoy it without understanding. 
"I get it" is a collection of graphic messages and vulgar situations seen by a pair of eyes of an extremely careful illustrator, overlapping its interpretation to each situation. The result is a collection of illustrations created in two tones overlay creating new meanings. Entirely new? For the most attentive no, neither for the skeptics who find that nothing is new, everything is an assemblage of the past.

I would like to thank to ExperimentaDesign for invited me for the second time participate with a Tangencial Exhibition, 
to Nuno Sota from RodaGira to give me space in the shop to show my work
and to everybody that come to see and participate in the exhibition.

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