Back in 2012 I was invited to make an illustration for Silos that could be printed in silkscreen and painted in a wall.
The idea of 6 eyes head was to represent the building and what was been created there. The idea that a multidisciplinary creative need to have different set of eyes/approach to different problem or task in hands and plus he/she need to have different layers of knowledge.
The tall head is also a representation of the tall building that before was used to store cereal and to store ideas.

Bellow is a video done by Gustavo Roseira from the party done after the painting was finished.
In this party there were Dj Borboto with the sound, Pixel Bitch with the video mapping, t-shirt for sail printed at Atelier Arte Expressão.
I would also like to thank to Nicola Henriques, Nuno Bettencourt and Cmyk Zero for the help and sponsorship.

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