Matilha Cycle Crew (MCC) was founded in 2011 by Patrick Santos, Micaela Neto and Fernando Augusto with the aim of promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transport in Lisbon.  Let's embrace the Summer on Wheels was the theme for the 2 years celebration party. With the plan to celebrate the summer, bikes and friends. 

In that day was presented the: 
Sumer on Wheels project – a MCC x Luís Favas partnership.
The project was created to celebrate the important role that MCC had in the urban cycling community. For that I was commissioned to create a custom bicycle livery, t-shirt, stickers and all the visual for the social media.

The project is from 2013, with some restoration done in 2020 in details and the bicycle above, that is new.

A video done by Fernando Augusto with the assembly of the bike at RodaGira store and some cool shots at Costa da Caparica beach.

A selection of pictures from the Summer on Wheels party. 
The vertical pictures were taken by Diário de Lisboa. The vertical were taken from the facebook event, with unknown authors.

Bicycle frame build by DryDrill, bicycle assembled by RodaGira, event organised by Matilha Cycle Crew and graphics by Luís Favas.
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