Olá, I'm Luís Favas

Illustrator . Graphic Designer . Art Director . Bicycle Collector

Mount of Olives
Illustration for packaging.
Three blue objects
3 objects with 3 colours in 3 pages.
Tattoo design
Illustration for Tattoo
Old Town Road (quarantine edition)
During the quarantine while cycling indoors I heard the “Old Town Road” from @lilnasx and had the idea for this illustration.
Azores Fixed 20
Azores Fixed is a team composed by friends that get together in summer to cycle around Azores with their fixed gear bikes. Besides cycling we all work in different creative fields and that's why every year we create new branding with fresh ideas. In this presentation I show the elements we created.
Silos, Creative Container
Illustration commissioned by Silos for t-shirt and wall.
Pink bow & blue gloves
Same idea, different outcomes, 2009 & 2020.
Illustration made to show and explain my workflow in my talk at Tour Colher.
Dlirium logo design
Logo design for the sneakers brand Dlirium.
Volta Craft Beer
VOLTA's Branding, a craft beer made by 3 cousins.
ExperimentaDesign 13
My Tangencial Exhibition at Experimenta Design Lisboa 2013
ExperimentaDesign 15
My Tangencial Exhibition at Experimenta Design Lisboa 2015
Logo for the bicycle frame Zorlac 3, a model from RodaGira
Bello custom cap
Custom cap for Bello Cyclist™
Illustrations and layout design for a poem's book
Azores Fixed 15
Cycling jersey design process.
BFF13 Bike Sprint
Poster for the Bicycle Film Festival after party at Castro Beer.The party had DJ's sets and a Bike Sprint competition.
Azores Fixed 13 - Poster and logo design
Logo and poster design for Azores Fixed 13
AWAKE Breaking Away
Design for AWAKE Album cover "Breaking Away"
Night Bazaar Poster updated
Poster for Night Bazaar (redesigned)
Go Travel or go home
Touristic illustration to be printed in t-shirts.
That's my type 2
Collection of lettring and Logos made since 2008.
Illustrations for animations 2016 – 2017
A bunch of illustrations done at StoryMe.
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